Energy Scams

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Avoiding Energy Scams

There are cautionary steps that you should take to ensure that you are in contact with an energy company and not someone attempting to scam you. If you suspect that a scam is taking place, you can contact on 0808 164 6000, or alternatively the police on the non-emergency number (101). In addition, you can contact the advisory organisation ‘Stay Energy Safe’ at

The expected layout of energy bills that you receive will vary in style, presentation and length depending on your energy supplier. All energy bills will ultimately display the same information but will do so in different ways. It is important to remember that this information may be in a different order and named differently than presented, depending on the supplier.

Types of Energy Scams

When receiving emails from your supplier, they should contain your customer reference number. Any genuine email from an energy supplier will not ask for details unless they have already done so using another form of communication. They will not state any name except the account holder (or nominated individual if you have put one in place).

When receiving a phone call, you should ensure that you are talking to the supplier. A real supplier will not ask for bank details or passwords. As an extra precaution, you can ask the company to set up a password for you to give when they call. When calling the supplier, you should be asked security questions to verify your identity and never be required to provide bank details.

When someone comes to your property to install or read an energy meter, you should check their ID to ensure they are not a scammer. If you wish to add extra security, ask the company to set up a password for the meter reader/installer to answer. In addition, you can contact the supplier if someone arrives to verify that they sent them.

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